LABYRINTH GAME, is a cross-platform battle royal game created and developed by Troyar

in 2022, in which four players will fight to survive in a fast-paced countdown to get out of a labyrinth full of dangers and mysteries.

Only the fastest player with the greatest ingenuity will be able to find the exit and reach the end of this challenge alive.

Will you be the chosen one?


Professor Montgomery:

Archeology professor and nature lover with this character you can have an advantage to be able to decipher the most complicated mysteries.


Professional athlete, fast like no one and with great resistance to the toughest obstacles


President of the National Rifle Association and veteran hunter with exceptional marksmanship.


Ex convict with superhuman strength, he will not hesitate to do anything to get to the end of this labyrinth alive


Where can I download the game?

The game is on the Epic Games platform

Will I have any advantage when buying in the store?

In the store you will only buy cosmetics to be able to change the appearance of your character, this game will not be pay to win.

How can I report another player?

If there is a player benefiting from a bug in the game, you can open a ticket in our discord channel and we will take the appropriate measures.

We take cheating very seriously and want fair play during matches.

System of points

The player who wins the game will add points, which can be exchanged for items in the store.

How many labyrinth does the game consist of?

The game consists of a large number of mazes which will be changed and expanded with new game updates.